Ripples, The New Year Update

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At the end of last year we doubled our team size, and slowed down production on the game so everyone could enjoy their winter break. That’s not to say that nothing got done. Quite the contrary. One of our new members is an artist, we have been working with him to finalize the art direction for the game and trying to find a theme that suits that game that will be doable in the time frame we have.

On the programing side of things we got our newest programmer up to date on the code base and cleaned up the repository. We have split up the tasks for us to undertake for this semester into various categories:

  • Working with artist for the art pipeline
  • Mobile controls and optimization
  • Research and implementation of custom tracks and beat matching for endless mode (optional)
  • Updated Menu System
  • General Optimization
  • Implementation of potential new mechanics

Over break an 11 page document was put together detailing possible implementations for various mechanics to spice up the game play a bit more and add more depth to the fights.

One of the biggest updates comes from the music side of our game. Ripples is driven by the music, but up until recently, the music we currently have been using has just been place holder tracks. These tracks were put in place to show of what we were looking for in potential tracks. But now we have rights to some music that fits the style we are looking for and will be implementing the new tracks into the fights in the coming weeks.

Our next meeting is on Sunday, and at that point we will be back into the swing of things.