On February 22nd 2014 a group of students and myself hosted the first Green Mountain Games Festival at Champlain College. It was an ambitious project, most of us had little to no experience in how to organize or run an event. While faculty members offered their advice, the event was put together by students. The point of the event was to encourage students to work on games and to showcase their work. Both scholarly and extracurricular work were shown off by students as well as some work from from developers in Montreal and Boston. We brought in speakers (such as Rami Ismail and Jenna Hoffstein) to kick off the event and give talks throughout the day.

On October 31st, 2015, we successfully hosted another festival with speakers such as Bill Gardner and Jason Della Rocca. The official website can be found at greenmountaingamesfestival.com and videos of the speakers can be found here.

Since the 2015-2016 school year is my last year at Champlain along with the other planners, we are working on creating documentation and forming a new committee to take over when we leave.

Photos by Molly McGhee, edited by James Shasha.