Testing the Waters with UE4

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Back in March I had the opportunity to go to GDC. It was a great time, I met a lot of cool people and a handful of Alumni from Champlain College. One of the most ask questions when I was … Continued

Adventures in Python

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I have heard many good things about python, but I haven’t had the chance to use it yet. The last time I did ended up being a miserable experience. Looking back at it, I think it had to do with … Continued


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For mobile testing, we have been testing with just one level in the game. The PC version of the game has had menus for a while. Most recently, the menus have been updated to support switching characters and saving/loading the … Continued

Testing On Mobile

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This week in testing we debuted the updated mobile build. We had two testing sessions this week, the first one tested the control scheme for mobile and the second session tested the device it was played on. I was there … Continued

GCW Tutorial

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I have been wanting to program on a handheld device for a while. My brother originally had a GP32, which was an open source handheld from around the GBA era. I eventually got a later edition of a GamePark Device … Continued

Mobile Build

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Ripples is now running again on Android. We set up a boss fight with the current art assets we have and tested how well it ran. Pooling of the ripples are now in the game and the size of the … Continued

Prepping for Mobile

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Back when we were pitching Ripples initially, we got feedback on how it would be cool to see how a mobile version of the game would work. So during some extra time we put together a mobile build and have … Continued

New Character Style and Quick Fix

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This past week was spent adding a new character play-style into the game and updating the way we draw the lines for the ripples. The new style that was added is dubbed the brute. The brute’s special generates a short … Continued

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