Role: Programmer
Team Size: 2
Language: C++ with SDL 2.0


This is a small project that I worked on with a friend to understand some concepts of game architecture and to become familiar with the SDL 2.0 framework. The game is based off of Wii Play’s Tank game. Originally, our engine was based on Allegro 5.0 but was later converted over to SDL for this project.

The game is data driven, loading the assets and levels from files. It includes an event system, sound system and resource management. Source code to the game can be found on my github account here.

One thing I would do differently with this project is how I went about handling the bouncing of the bullets. While the current system works for the most part, it is convoluted and is not always reliable. There are times where the bullets will sneak through parts of the wall. After learning vector math, I realized it would have been much easier and more reliable to calculate the bounce vector from the velocity of the bullet and with the normal of the wall.


  • Role: Programmer
  • Language: C++ with SDL 2.0
  • Team Size: 2 Programmers