Mobile Build

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Ripples is now running again on Android. We set up a boss fight with the current art assets we have and tested how well it ran. Pooling of the ripples are now in the game and the size of the vector grid has been adjusted to get a smooth experience. The video below is a playthrough of the fight.

Now that the game can run on mobile, the next steps are to test to test out the control schemes and make it more user friendly. Currently the game has a virtual joystick control scheme. Where when you first press on the screen, that point becomes the center of the stick. Sliding your thumb around moves your character in reference to the center of this virtual joystick. If you thumb moves to far from the center, the center will adjust and move with your thumb. It works, although we will need more feedback. The problem right now, is there needs to be a UI element added so it is more understandable. The mobile version also doesn’t have support for using actions, so that is another thing that will be added in the coming week.