A Change in Perspective

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Of the biggest complaints that we got from our QA feedback was that it was hard to tell when you were jumping in the game. One of our first attempts to address this was having the background change to indicate when you are in the air and invulnerable.

Testers enjoyed that feedback but we still felt like that wasn’t enough. We decided the next thing we could try out was to create a shadows under characters to help convey that they were jumping. Initially we have been using an orthographic camera, but we decide to switch over to a perspective camera and make the assets into 3D objects that cast shadows.


At this point we have only had our game in a top down perspective. For testing, we decide to create different builds with different camera angles. This one is at a 30 degree angle.


When we first switched it over to perspective, it threw us off, as we were not used to playing in that view. But it tested well, so we decided to fully implement the perspective camera with plans to have a few different camera views to play.

But for now we are wrapping up the game and getting ready for our midterm presentation.